More than a pictorial documentation. The author shows on more than 200 pages and 400 contemporary Photographs part of Berlin's postwar history. Military vehicles of the four occupation / protective powers are part of the city's history. With this book Thomas Lemke will give us a survey of the vehicles used by the motor pools of the Allied Forces.

We will see the first radio vehicle used by RIAS Berlin; we will learn about the difficulties during the construction of the runway at Tempelhof Central Airport during the Berlin Airlift. Technology freaks will find Military vehicles unique to Berlin.

This book is a must have for all friends of vehicle technology and -history and an enrichment for history minded Berliners and friends of Berlin.

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unique pictorial ducumentation
  • 220 Pages, text german
  • more than 400 b/w photos
  • detailed discription of vehicles
  • background information about the 4 Allied Forces in Berlin
  • organization of the 4 Allied Forces